Send Singing Video Message

Vounce will turn your message into a great-sounding video song


Entertaining In Groups

Say goodbye to texting and snapping. Impress your friends in a new way!

Quick & Easy

An instant video messenger with simple user interface


Text On Video

Vounce allows you to add text on video with a variety of options

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Easy-to-Use Recording

SongMaker provides a user-friendly interface for recording, so that you may pause or re-record at any point of your song. The app’s lyrics library helps you save and load lyrics to use them for your recording.


Advanced Tuning Technology

This app analyzes each backing track and tunes your voice to fit best its key and chords. This technology allows you to sing your own melody freely in harmony with the backing track. Also, SongMaker’s diverse tuning options make your song more unique and harmonious.

Remix Backing Track

We offer music packs in diverse genres, which are royalty-free. You can easily remix your background track with a variety of pre-recorded loops. For each loop, you may select a different combination of instruments according to your style.


Song Discovery

Hear what’s hot and new from the most creative community of singers. Find out your favorite musicians and follow them to keep up with their activities. You can share your favorite songs with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email.

Social Networking

SongMaker builds up a social-network platform where users can become friends by sharing their songs and communicate with other music lovers. You can gain popularity by growing followers, and check out their feedback on your songs.


Song for Someone Special

Deliver your feeling by singing a special song for your friends or loved ones. Your song will make a perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, etc. Other users will show their support by liking or commenting on the song.

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See the real users' reviews about what they use SongMaker for.

Access for Everyone

“The real beauty of this app is that anyone with musical gift or not can enjoy the wonderful world of expression through song writing. No one has to worry if they sing on or off key as the app fixes it. I consider this an inspired gift to mankind to allow everyone the access to the expressive songwriter’s world!” - by C.Black20

For Less-Confident Singers

“This app is highly entertaining and funny, and can boost confidence. Because the app empowers your voice, you can record it and show to your friends. Even if you are a bad singer, the app will make you sound better.” - by ukbravo

For Family

“This app is so much fun. My 14-year old boy and I stayed up until 2 am singing and laughing hysterically recording ourselves. Nice to find something wonderful, yet so simple to help strengthen our bond and keep us thoroughly entertained!” - by Eran DoBell

For Loved Ones

“I have always been able to write lyrics to inspirational music, but never quite had the connections to get to go with them. This app changed that, and even helped me finish the song for my girlfriend. I give this app incredible 5 out of 5.” - by Scotlandoncemore

For Novice Musicians

“I am an upcoming artist, and this app is one of the best I could find to help my career.” - by Photo inc

For Songwriters

“As a songwriter, it is nice to have mobile recording ability! Also, it is nice to have an idea of how you sound in a studio. I will continue to use it and attempt to get a rough idea of the sound I’m looking for. Great job!” - by Chays44

For Professionals

“This app helped me so much when I was writing songs for my musical. I could record my songs easily and see which parts needed revising without having to rent a recording studio or heavy equipments. I love this app!” - by Bunnylover4545


Smart Karaoke

Singulaa imports songs from Library, and makes avail of them as a backing track for your singing. The app removes the original vocal and enhances your voice to match the backing instrumental. You can sing with the backing track like in a karaoke.


Adjustable Tuning Effects

You can select a different style of pitch-correction with the option of tuning levels. You may also opt for chorus effect to add the realistic harmony that blends with your voice. Vocal suppression and track volume can be adjusted for the optimal outcome.

Vocal / Instrumental Remover

This handy tool enables you to customize different types of tracks for the best result of vocal removal. After removing their vocal parts, save your favorite songs as an instrumental track. Or, you may opt to suppress the instrumental of tracks to bring the vocal into relief.


Share Your Song

You can save your songs in local area, and export them via email (.m4a) and iTunes File Sharing (.wav). The app also supports for AudioCopy / AudioPaste 2.0.

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